About A & A Video Productions - Andrew Ketsdever
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Andrew Ketsdever

I am a nature photographer and videographer originally from Southern California and now operating out of Colorado Springs. I am an avid hiker and amateur astronomer. Combining these hobbies with a love for photography has led to a lifetime of trying to capture nature as it really is. Whether it is deep in the backcountry or on the side of the road, I attempt to reveal nature in a way that brings about a better understanding - a photographic nature study, if you will. My formal training is as an Aerospace Engineer, and my full time job is as a Professor at the local University in town. I co-founded A&A Video Productions and Uncivilized Nature Photography in 2015 to share my distinct view of the world. As a community based company, we have a special relationship with our clients that allows us to capture those unique moments that give life meaning.